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Our energy-saving solar panels can be installed directly on your rooftop for easy functioning, grid-free power. With Sky Blue, you will be able to choose the location, style, and placement of your solar panels on your residential structure. Live in an HOA? No problem! Sky Blue Energy has extensive experience making sure you get the solar you want while abiding by any HOA regulations you may have. Rooftop installations can be done in as little as one day and provide you with energy-efficient living for years to come.


Installing solar panels on structures other than your home can offer a convenient and aesthetically pleasing appeal. Oftentimes, pergolas are perfect locations for solar panels as beams are all that are required to secure your solar panels and can keep panels off the rooftop of residential structures. Sky Blue offers convenient pergola installation and can even help you plan and build your structure. When you choose Sky Blue Energy there is never any need to worry about aesthetics or loose wires as we use only the most professional finishes. Call us today to see how solar panel installation on your pergola can help you save money.

Shade Structure

Do you have a covered patio or pool cabana at your home? Sky Blue Energy can help you save on your electric bill without adding panels to the main structure of your house. Similar to rooftop solar panels, our team of professional installers can offer you a wide variety of panel placement options on shade structures associated with your home. Our team is trained to install on a variety of rooftop materials including ceramic tiles, metal, shingles, and wood. Whatever your shade structure may be, let Sky Blue help you design a solar system and start saving money today.

Ground Mount

Our ground mount solar options are the perfect solution for those with extra acreage. No structure is needed when choosing this option as Sky Blue Energy will provide all the materials for your solar system. Ground-mounted solar services include installation of the mount, solar panels, and electric hook-ups to the home. As always, Sky Blue finishes each project with the best professional touches and will ensure all your wiring is buried and out of sight. Ground mount systems offer unique flexibility to each customer as there is no system size limit and adding extra panels at a future time is both convenient and non-disruptive to the owner. Book your free consultation with our solar experts and see if a ground-mounted solar option is right for you

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