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Take your solar panel savings to the next level by adding our attic blown insulation services. At Sky Blue Energy we use only the highest quality loose-fill fiberglass insulation which provides your home with an extra level of energy efficiency. Adding blown-in insulation to your attic can extend the life of AC units and furnaces by decreasing the amount of usage needed to cool and heat your home. Our insulation process is quick, easy, and can be completed within one day. Add any of our services to your solar panel installation and you may qualify for a bundle discount. Talk to one of our Solar Experts today to see how much you could save with new insulation and solar!

Our Process

At Sky Blue Energy we pride ourselves on being professional, quick, and convenient. Our blown-in insulation is installed in as little as a half-day, depending on the size of your home. The team of professional installers will blow in high-quality fiberglass insulation drilled at the top of each stud space at the top of your home. After inserting a flexible tube, insulation is blown directly from our containers into your attic making it mess-free for your and your family. After the insulation has been installed, all holes are filled with high-quality, weatherproof materials and colored to match the exterior of your home. The final result is a professional, complete-looking exterior and an energy-efficient interior. Contact us today for more detailed information personalized to your home needs.


Make the most of your Sky Blue Energy solar panels by ensuring the energy you produce stays in your home! Too often, especially in older homes, furnaces and air conditioning units have to work overtime to keep your home at the ideal temperature. This is due to insufficient insulation and the inability of the home to maintain a stable interior temperature. Adding blown-in attic insulation will provide an extra layer of defense for your home and help to maintain internal temperatures where you want them. Not only will the installation of solar panels save you hundreds on your monthly electric bill, but you can increase those savings even more by creating an energy-efficient home environment with our blown-in attic insulation.

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