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In addition to having electrical freedom from the grid, battery backup systems are currently eligible for federal tax benefits! This program has been voted into action until 2024 which is the perfect reason to get a battery backup system installed with your system today. If you install a battery backup with your solar panel system today you can claim up to 26% of those costs as a credit on your federal tax return. That could be up to $4000 reimbursed to you in addition to
normal tax credits for your solar system. Call today to talk with one of our solar experts and you can see just how affordable your solar system can be.


Solar panels make a great addition to your home and help you save hundreds on your power bill each month, but what if you could make that bill $0? With power backup systems installed by Sky Blue Energy, you can ensure full-time energy use is 100% off the grid. Depending on your power company this can save your family the full cost of your power bill each month. With the high quality of Sky Blue Energy solar panels, you will find you often produce more power than your home can use, especially on extremely sunny days. With power backup, you can store that excess power to use during the night, during bad weather, or during unexpected blackouts. Sky Blue offers several battery options to suit your needs perfectly so you can store and use your own energy without needing to depend on your local power company for backup. Become independent and grid-free with our power backup systems today!


Already have a solar panel system installed? Looking to get the most out of your system and stop relying on local power for backup? The Sky Blue Energy team has extensive experience installing battery back-ups on previously installed systems. No matter who your original solar panel contractors were, our team of quality installers is prepared to rewire your system to any of the variety of battery backup options Sky Blue offers. We can have your new batteries installed and collect your excess power in as little as one day and our professional team will ensure a mess-free setup and activation. Talk with one of our solar experts to explore power backup addition systems today!

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